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I’ve been a little quiet on the singing front since Christmas time. In January I took some time out to review the to do list, to re-evaluate what needed to be done and when. Towards the end of 2021 I found that I was attempting to do a little bit of everything and subsequently, nothing really got done and definitely nothing was completed. Life can get overwhelming when it’s like that so I needed a little time to organise myself and take the pressure off. I also had a few days away to celebrate a family birthday and you can read about that on

My self-penned recorded songs are sounding better than I expected. I’m very happy with them, I listen and can hardly believe they came out of my head. I returned to working with my wonderful vocal coach at the end of January and I sang songs from different genres to get back into the vocal work and getting the vocal chords operational and in tune. Last week, for the first time since my parents passed away in 2019, I sang some country songs and some Irish country songs. I won’t deny it was emotional and it was the first time I have managed to get through any of these songs, either singing or listening to them, in one piece. Something I learned about myself is that as much as I love singing songs from very different genres and decades, nothing makes my heart as happy as singing country and/or Irish country songs. This discovery has given me new momentum, huge positivity and loads of ideas.

I’m working on releasing my first single in the Springtime and I have started writing some new songs which will be included on my first album. Just writing those words is so exciting, so scary and so unbelievable, I’m actually doing this. I’m making my dreams come true. It’s true, it really never is too late to follow your dreams.

With love and sparkles xxx