Merry Christmas

Wishing you and your families a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.

Thank you so much for all your support in 2022. For all the streams and downloads, for all the likes, comments and sharing of posts and helping me to get the music out there. I have lots of plans for 2023 and hopefully I will see you at a venue near you during the year.

With love and sparkles xxx

I did it…

Yes I know, I still haven’t got around to re-vamping the website, that is a work in progress. The past months have been very busy working on music licensing and sorting out my music distribution. I also fitted in a photo shoot and a video shoot, trying out of outfits and make up and reading up on lots of terms and conditions, do’s and don’ts’s and marketing of new music. There’s a whole lot to these processes and it’s been a huge learning curve and yet, I got there. Whoop! Last Friday, 30th September 2022, my debut single ‘Fade to Grey’ was released.

Fade to Grey – Social Media Branding Post.

The excitement was unreal as I wasn’t sure that the single would go live on the 30th so when I spotted it on pre-order on iTunes the previous evening I was absolutely hyper.

Just after midnight the single went live on Spotify, it was a case of pinch me, is this really happening.

I’m on Spotify!!

Overnight my DM’s went crazy with the most lovely, positive, supportive messages about the single. I’m still making my way through them all. I’m so happy with the response to the song especially as I wrote it myself. The weekend was a whirlwind of happiness, messages, posts and music streaming. I even got played on Phoenix Country Music Radio on the Sunday night show. I was very emotional at this point, a huge dream come true for me. It took a lot of research and hard work and I made it. I got there in the end.

I’m now sorting out the licensing for the video release to accompany the song and also applying for my artist pages on the various music platforms for downloading and streaming. I’m at the end of one process and now starting the next phase of my musical career. And yes that does in include revamping my website.

I hope you enjoy my song, I’m very proud of my achievement and I’m also very appreciative of your support over the past couple of years as I worked towards this moment. Thank you.

Available to request.

Under Construction

It’s been a busy few months, I know I’ve not posted in ages on here. Thank you for your messages on FB and Instagram. I’ve been sorting out ideas for the photo and video shoot, sourcing the clothes I want to wear for the shoots, working with the graphic designer on branding and learning about music licensing and how to get my music out there.

It feels like everything is under construction on the music front at the moment because it’s not just the music, it’s everything that goes with it. Social media, preparation, practising, new songs, song writing and I suppose until I have the groundwork fully in place, which will allow me more time to actually sing, under construction is how I am. I’ll probably revamp the website when I go live with my branding. It feels amazing that it’s all coming together and soon I’ll be ready to launch myself on the world.

In the meantime, don’t forget to catch up with me on Instagram and You Tube and yes, you can see from my latest singing into the phone songs, the music room is still under construction too!

With love and sparkles xxx


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I’ve been a little quiet on the singing front since Christmas time. In January I took some time out to review the to do list, to re-evaluate what needed to be done and when. Towards the end of 2021 I found that I was attempting to do a little bit of everything and subsequently, nothing really got done and definitely nothing was completed. Life can get overwhelming when it’s like that so I needed a little time to organise myself and take the pressure off. I also had a few days away to celebrate a family birthday and you can read about that on

My self-penned recorded songs are sounding better than I expected. I’m very happy with them, I listen and can hardly believe they came out of my head. I returned to working with my wonderful vocal coach at the end of January and I sang songs from different genres to get back into the vocal work and getting the vocal chords operational and in tune. Last week, for the first time since my parents passed away in 2019, I sang some country songs and some Irish country songs. I won’t deny it was emotional and it was the first time I have managed to get through any of these songs, either singing or listening to them, in one piece. Something I learned about myself is that as much as I love singing songs from very different genres and decades, nothing makes my heart as happy as singing country and/or Irish country songs. This discovery has given me new momentum, huge positivity and loads of ideas.

I’m working on releasing my first single in the Springtime and I have started writing some new songs which will be included on my first album. Just writing those words is so exciting, so scary and so unbelievable, I’m actually doing this. I’m making my dreams come true. It’s true, it really never is too late to follow your dreams.

With love and sparkles xxx

New Year 2022

Follow your dreams.

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have the most amazing 2022 filled with love, good health, happiness and peace.

Thank you very much for all your support this past year, I so appreciate it. I have big plans for next year, new music to release, circulating my music to the various music channels, new videos and maybe even some live gigs!! 2022, the year to make things happen.

Here’s to a truly wonderful 2022 for us all, filled with music, motivation and song.

With love and sparkles xxx

Christmas Sparkles

Hi everyone, are you all ready for the Christmas season? Your tree is up and sparkling, gifts all wrapped and given to loved ones or sitting under the tree for Christmas morning. Christmas Eve is for me the most magical and sparkling day of the year. On Christmas Eve when we watch the skies for Santa, (because we are never too old to do that), we think of the hopes, wishes and dreams that we really want to come true over Christmas. So when you see that bright star in the sky on Christmas Eve, make a wish, because it’s sure to come true.

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Jingle Bell Rock
Silver Bells
O Come O Come Emmanuel

Merry Christmas to you all, with love and sparkles xxx

Music, Motivation and Me

Part Diva, Part Hippie, All Country.

Hello and welcome to my blog.

I’m a singer, songwriter, blogger and chatterbox ( Happy Monday chats on Instagram can go on for a while).

A little about me; I gave up the corporate world to be a full time carer to my parents who both sadly passed in 2019. I’m slowly emerging into a different me and following a long held dream in music. I love inspirational quotes and I believe we should all share our inner sparkle. Our world is emerging from such an awful time, we need to support each other and build a brighter, more positive world for the future.

Thank you for following me and taking this journey with me.

Dawn xx